Can You Shake Hands With Boxing Gloves on? If You Say No and I Disagree, Just So You Know I Will Never Confront You On That Issue.

Do UFC fighters and boxers get socially anxious before a big fight? Or do football players get uncomfortable before making a tackle? Like, do they get weird because of the thought of touching a stranger? I’m not even talking about it like it’s a homophobic thing, that’s a completely different subject I think. In church, back when I went, we would be asked to greet one another with a hand-shake or a hug and the idea of touching another person always created a shutter within me mostly because I was worried about smelling bad or never knew where to touch a person during a hug. NOT THE BUTT!!!!! Also, hugging a woman was always awkward because I became very aware of boobs pressing against my chest. So you know, I only put that in parenthesis because I have no idea where else to put that piece of info but I thought it needed to be pointed out) In a way a tackle is like a hug only with more force and you try to land on top of the person you hug. It’s just a weird scenario for a socially anxious person and maybe one of the reasons I never played football. Others would be that I weighed 140 pounds in high school and was anti-pain.

But back to the combat sports professionals, I wonder if there is any anxiety associated with the conflict itself. I mean, the fight was arranged and it’s not like the desire to fight comes from a confrontation but in my personal opinion I couldn’t see myself hitting anyone unless I got really mad at them (I have never actually fought anyone. For more information see the part where I weighed 140 pounds and hated pain) so I figure in order to get yourself mentally prepared to beat up someone you have to create a scenario in your mind where you hate the other person or at least, are offended by their sensibilities a little. I think it’s why big fights often have some smack talking session. Therefore, if I were in such a situation I feel like before the fight I’d feel scared of the confrontation and after the fight I’d be awkwardly trying to avoid the other so we wouldn’t have to approach the confrontation further. If I went to a party and saw the other fighter he may want to bring up the past and while I could handle him trying to kill me with his hands, the uncomfort that would come from the possibility of him saying something further to me that isn’t nice is just too much to handle. It’s possible that I pass by, we say “oh, hi” out of formality and then we’d converse and then I’d feel obligated to apologize for the 37 jabs and the submission move. It’s not a conversation I’d enjoy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really struggle with situations of disagreement and confrontation. I kind of want to just agree with everyone and everything and what ends up happening is I get a little submissive. For instance, I bite off more than I can chew at work because I’ll let people constantly pass work onto me. Not that I can’t say “no” but in order to have the courage to do so I have to work up anger and that in turn makes me lash out which makes me look like the crazy person. Because I then look like the asshole and because I am uncomfortable with the newfound tension between the person I lashed out at and me, I then continue to let people pass work to me that is beyond what my job is and the problem persists.

So if I ever stepped into a ring, instead of all the face punching I would instead want to talk over the issue. Maybe if we both express ourselves and listen to the other person our concerns will be met and we will come to a mutual respect for one another and we could have a good relationship and isn’t being friends better than knowing who can win a fight anyways?

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