I’m Not Nice

I just want to preface this by saying I actually love anyone who take the time to read my stuff and I’m actually not trying to insult anyone. This piece is meant more to present my inner thought processes when I post a piece of work. To be frank, I didn’t really have any ideas for an actual article so I through this together. Enjoy me yelling at you and feeling  sorry for myself. It’s the coolest.

What the fuck does it take for you people to read my shit? I slave over this. Every waking hour is me thinking about this stuff. Okay, maybe my prose isn’t the best. I’m not fucking Tolstoy but I put a lot of emotion into this. I show happy, funny, sad, angry and what do I get, nothing? I post all my stuff for free and still can’t get anyone to show interest. I try so damn hard and it’s for nothing. I know that some of what I write is good…It has to be right? I’ve been writing junk for almost 10 years. Something good has had to have come out of this. I don’t know. Maybe writing is past it’s prime. We’re in a world of visual media. Vine was popular for a long time and it was just 7 second videos. Or maybe I suck….I guess I don’t know. If people aren’t reading how am I supposed to know….maybe they are and I just don’t know.

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