Part of This Article is About Bunnies. Bunnies are Cute Therefore you Should Read This. Bunnies Are Also Scared All The Time So It Kind Of Fits the Theme of This Thing….

I’m going to try something a little bit different. I’ve had a lot of anxious moments in the past 24 hours or so but nothing that completely stands out as something I can write a 500 plus word article on so I’m just write about each moment because, good God, I’m sure you don’t want to read about how I am scared of moving and writing again.

-I have two rabbits and because I am sensitive as fuck, I will tell you this story. One is a female named Nova because here black and white fur kind of remind us of a supernova and the other one is a brown and white, his name is Butterscotch (not my name) but he goes by Scotch (A better name. One that makes me want to dress him in a mustache and give him a cigar….rabbits can’t actually have cigars. Don’t give one a cigar, please.) Scotch is an old man for a bunny but his entire life he’s been kind of rambunctious (he charges at my wife all the time letting lose a little growl. She always lets loose a scream when he does it but not once has he bit her. He has yet to do this to me, basically because I am the best and I could totally fight a 5 pound rabbit if I had to.) The point is, he’s brave for an animal whose purpose in life is to be eaten. Yesterday she took him to the vet to get his nails trimmed (see, this is why he attacks her I think. If she didn’t do this then she’d probably look at him more favorable) and he freaked out causing one of his nails to tear off and bleed. She picked me up from work after the appointment and when I got in the car I could see him bunched up in the little carrier he traveled in (it’s a pink and black cat carrier) and he looked horrified. I panicked because he never gets horrified so I immediately grabbed the carrier and put him on my lap. I opened the door to tell him to chill the fuck out and he jumped into my lap and snuggled up to my arm as his heart beat rose to heights I’d yet to see from him. It was unsettling to see him so terrified though it did feel nice to get the opportunity to act as a parental figure as I don’t have human children. I decided to pick neurotic pets that only live about 7 years….not the best decision for a guy like me really.

-I awoke in the morning and read a fact telling me that 100,000 dollars a year isn’t enough to live in San Francisco comfortably and I freaked out….I’m not about to live in San Francisco so I don’t know what the hell that was about.

-There were three different moments where comments on different Facebook articles popped up in my feed thing and each time I saw comments that I didn’t agree with. It put me in a foul mood before work and to be honest, I don’t tolerate dissenting opinion very well. Basically, I’m always fucking right and anyone who disagrees isn’t I just sit there in a seething ball of anger when I read people who think differently than me. I’ll argue with them, in my head, on my way to work, about 15 times and don’t let their annoying opinion go. I mostly have an issue with people who strongly share an opinion that isn’t backed up by much and while this is normal, I just wish I could let it go. My dad used to tell me when I’d get into arguments with my sister over whatever it is that dumb kids argue about that “if you know you’re right, just let it go” the idea being trust yourself and don’t let the pettiness get the best of you…at least I think that was the point. He might just have been annoyed and wanted us to shut up because Law and Order was on or something. But I wish some guy in Norman, Oklahoma yelling about Trump didn’t piss me off so much but it did this morning. (That’s about as political as I really want to get on this thing.)

-My back has been hurting all day. My dad had back surgery a year or two ago. I’m concerned I’m am also going to need this procedure in the future.

-Because my back has been hurting all day I refused to do a task at work that would have required yanking appliances up and down stairs which really doesn’t seem to be the best thing for a sore back. At first I freaked out about getting fired….from the job I’m quitting next week. But I also felt guilty as I felt as though I let someone else down. This is an instance where I need to be okay with putting myself before someone else. I’m moving in a week, I need to be healthy. It’s okay if I try to protect my back, especially when I’ll no longer work with this current company soon.

-I’m afraid the Boston/Cleveland series will suck. I like good basketball and I’m tired of bad basketball.

-I’m a little afraid you’ll judge me for this long ass article. I said something about 500 words and now I’m at about 900….um, peace out people who like to read about scared dudes. Or just one….I’m one dude.

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