Fruit Loops Are Cool. Eat Fruit Loops.

I have two avatars or pictures or whatever you want to call them that appear on this website. I’m not the best at internet.

There’s the weird one with my mouth open and the hat on my head. It kind of looks like I’m trying to catch a piece of pop corn or something. Actually, that’s a fun game, throw some pop corn at my face and see if I can catch it. You know though, popcorn kind of sucks. Throw something good like fruit loops or something. Goddamn, fruit loops sound good. I haven’t had fruit loops in years. HEY KELLOGG’S, I JUST NAME DROPPED YOUR SERIAL. HAVE THAT DOPE-ASS TOUCAN DROP OF SOME CEREAL TO MY HOUSE. I’M ALSO OUT OF MILK!!!! MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN!

Anyways, the other picture is the stupid one with me doing a Superman pose and saying something dumb. I made it in photo shop years ago. Now, I can hear you thinking, “what the hell does any of this have to do with my anxiety. See, Josh, you are my therapy. I do nothing else but visit your site to help myself with anxiety and this article is doing nothing to help you.” And my response is be fucking patient. I’ll get to that shit. In fact, I’m going to do it right now. Okay, you ready, here it goes…..I don’t know know how the Superman picture meshes with the anxiety/fear theme I got going on here. There you go…a true fucking horror story. Hope I solved your problems today.

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