Whelp, I live in Boston Now…

It’s been awhile. I finally got some of that sexy internet action. Okay, that sounds like all I’ve done today is watch porn…I haven’t. You really needed to know that I guess. I completed the move. Well, I’ve come close to completed the move. Technically I still have to unpack some stuff but I completed the 14 hour drive, unloaded the truck and returned it and somehow no one was killed despite the fact that it was driven through downtown Boston during rush hour.

Honestly that’s an accomplishment in it of itself. Now I sit trying to figure what to do. I’m from Iowa…this entire city is so overwhelming. There’s so much history and so many famous minds who have lived in this area and I’m trying to be something myself….I feel like that’s challenging when I’m not sure how to figure out where a bus goes. It’s struggle.

Since I’ve first moved in all I can think of is trying to live the life I want to live here and all I can feel is myself reverting to old habits. For example there was a writing group I wanted to join last night but I chickened out. The group was in Cambridge, home to some of the smartest students in the country and all I could think about was how smart people were and how I have social anxiety. I’ve found it difficult to write because part of me is like, “well I’m here, I’m successful I guess.” Of course I have work to do and I have places to go still, I’m just struggling with figuring out my next step. I mean, the 5 episodes of  Roseanne I watched were entertaining but it’s not going to get me to where I want to be.

This city is so big and there’s  so much I can do that I have to figure out how to begin….This is going to be a process. There’s so many people, so many opportunities and I’m just a weird Iowan in a large city…eh, this will be fun.

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