This Place Still Feels Too Damn Big. Plus, How the Fuck Does a Left Turn Work In Massachusetts?

I continue to adjust to my new city. I’ve joined the website in an attempt to do things and meet people and try to find a place to fit in but all I can do is scan the webpage and develop a panic attack at the thought of walking into a place with new people and doing things with others. I still have the lingering feeling that I’m going to show up to a thing and people are going to wonder what the fuck some Midwest doofus is doing there. This is probably silly as it’s very doubtful that other people really care much about where I’m from and won’t even know unless I tell them. The other thing is that I will feel the nervousness weather I do a thing today or next week. It’s always a barrier I’m going to have to break through so I guess the thing to do is to just do the thing and get it over with but there’s still plenty of distress I’ll put myself through until I do something.

I will say this though. The northeast has a reputation for rude people and short people (not in size. The people here are of average height I’d say.) They say what they mean and can be very sarcastic. There is an element of sarcasm but I kind of like it. If fits with my personality and having worked with a lot of working class people, it’s something I’m used to. But the people I’ve come across thus far are far from rude. I have walked around downtown Boston multiple times already and mostly what I’ve come across were people making comments about my Spider-Man jacket (yeah, I’m a dork) or my Cubs hat but it was all positive. It kind of reminded me of a football tailgate where everyone is involved in a large party while still having their own thing going on. I’ve lived in Iowa most of my life and Iowa’s stereotype is that the state is filled with nice mother fuckers. Ah crap, that sentence is confusing. I don’t mean nice, incest doing beings, I just mean nice people. But I’ve never experienced the level of openness in Iowa that I did in Boston.

The other thing I’m still trying to adjust to is driving in this state. I know this is a heavily populated area and I accept that. I’ve driven in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC. It can be stressful but the rules seem to be the same, you just have to avoid hitting things. For whatever reason the rules of driving seem to be different in Boston or maybe it’s a Massachusetts thing but I still don’t get it. First of all, all the roads are too damn narrow and they seem to have no conceivable pattern to them. I feel like roads just kind of go in strange winding paths to nowhere. I’m impressed with how people still try to fit cars side by side down roads that look as thought they’d barely fit one. But even that I can handle with simple attention.

What I still don’t get is how the left turn works here. Some people honk immediately if you make a left turn regardless if your car is going to be rammed by oncoming traffic or not. Plenty of times the car coming from oncoming traffic just stops for no reason to let you go despite the fact that you are the car that is supposed to yield, at least according to the laws of every other state I’ve ever driven in. We have been road raged at by the car that randomly stopped for no reason to let us go for not going.

I’ve seen cars stop for no reason at intersections with no stop signs only to then run straight through an actual stop sign like it wasn’t there. Cars will speed by to pass you into a large patch of open road only to drive slow as fuck in front of you. It makes no sense. I’m really curious to read a drivers hand book for this state because it feels like it’s based off some type of motorist anarchy.

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  1. Driving in other states can be a total trip. During a vacation in Texas, I witnessed people turning into freeway on-ramps and then apparently changing their minds and reversing out of the on-ramp to continue along the road they were driving on previously. I saw that happen several times. How is that legal? Why are they doing that? Where they all like, “You know what? I’m just not in the mood to go to work today. I think I’m gonna throw this bitch into reverse and head to the gym instead.”

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  2. Pull out into traffic and block the first lane until the cars going left stop to let you in! I was taught that in driver’s ed, and my driver’s ed teacher was named Mr. Car. When I moved from Boston to WA state, my friends would scream whenever I turned left.

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    1. That sort of thing I expected. What’s throwing me off is the random people stopping to let me go despite the fact that I’m supposed to yield to them. This has happened a lot more times than I’d expect.


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