I Feel Weird When A Celebrity I Care About Dies But Here’s To You Adam West For Helping Mold My Creativity.

This website is based upon my personal anxieties and insecurities and my attempts to overcome them and better myself. Because of what I’m about to write I feel as though it’s necessary to make a connection to such a theme. When a celebrity dies that I have some kind of attachment to in some ways I fear mourning such a thing because ultimately the person who died has no personal attachment to me and I only know them through the thing that they have done that I have enjoyed. For this reason I find it difficult to post about such things on social media as I fear I have made the death about myself in a situation where it shouldn’t be. My idea of writing an article about a celebrity death cancels that out I suppose but I feel like it needs to be done.

Today, Adam West passed away at the age of 88. My favorite character in maybe all of media is Batman and he probably has been since I used to come home from preschool and watch back to back episodes of the old 60’s Batman show on what I believe was called Family channel but I was 4 years old at the time I could be making that part up. At the time I had no clue that it was campy and the entirety of the show was supposed to be funny so I took it seriously. For years and years I developed how super hero stories were supposed to be told based off this show. As I ran around my yard I beat up super villain henchmen (who I called “boys” because I had no clue what a henchman was at the time) with over dramatic punches and kicks. I’d find myself in dramatic traps and battling super villain themed contraptions and yelling silly catch phrases and one liners. And I’m sure that if I looked closely in some of the super hero themed stories I have written there are ties back to the old series.

I’d go more into my opinion on the darkness and seriousness of Superhero comics compared to the colorful camp of yesteryear if people would like later on down the road but I felt like it was important to pay some kind of tribute to a man who acted on a show that helped trigger my personal creativity. So here’s to Adam West going inconspicuously through the window. Using his Batrope because his job is finished.

One thought on “I Feel Weird When A Celebrity I Care About Dies But Here’s To You Adam West For Helping Mold My Creativity.

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  1. I’ve probably told you this, but one of my earliest memories comes from seeing the 1966 Batman movie in the Englert Theatre in Iowa City. My brothers had to carry me out of the theatre crying and screaming because I wanted to see it again. I saw the show as not campy for years and years and used to play Batman with a towel pinned around my neck as a cape. God Bless Adam West!
    –Your Dad


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