Can I Sell Some Shit With Social Anxiety? Sure…But Only If I Say The Thing.

I’m going through training for my new job and for the most part it’s been an enjoyable endeavor. There’s one big but though (HA! I SAID BIG BUT!) I learned the sales expectations for the company I  work in and I can’t help but think that I won’t be able to meet that goals in front of me. Now, I knew that I was getting into a sales position coming into this so the expectations are far from a surprise but it’s really hitting me that I am going to have to sell if I want to keep my job. This is scary because of my social anxieties and I have a small bit of uneasiness (you know it’s small because I’m writing about it and not making an awkward video!)

I must say though that this anxiety I feel is far from abnormal. I am fairly certain that anyone, even those with no social anxieties, feel a twinge of uncertainty when it comes to selling, especially when they are doing it for the first time and it involves a product they aren’t completely knowledgeable about. When I think about it this way it makes it easier because I’m no longer trying to overcome a debilitating mental disease but I’m instead trying to work with an issue that every person deals with. Not only does it make the task less overwhelming, it takes me out of the mindset of being a victim of mental disease and instead it empowers me.

I’ve also learned that the technical aspects of selling aren’t really that difficult. It’s ultimately talking to a person and then making sure to say the things that need to be said to a person. It just means getting comfortable with the possibility that a person may say “no” and know that when a person does it really doesn’t say anything about you as a person. I think there’s a tendency to overcomplicate selling shit because it’s scary. People say that they aren’t a sales person or that they aren’t good at selling but really it just means they haven’t come up with the courage to face rejection and in a way they fear failure. Neither of these things are good and I can certainly tell you this is my major fear as well. Remember, I have Avoidant Personality Disorder so my fear of rejection is massive and just the fact that I could be scared almost gives me a larger panic attack that the actually scary thing itself.

Essentially though, as I sit here scared of the new expectations upon me I simplify sales. The bottom line is I will be scared. It’s okay to be scared and it’s possible to do something that’s scary and the scary thing is ultimately just saying words to a person, which is incredibly easy when you take the mental illness aspect out of it. It’s literally making noise in a way that makes sense to another human. I’ve talked to many, many people in my life…it really isn’t hard. Now can I do it? Well, of course I can, but the question is will I? I certainly hope the answer is yes….we’ll see what happens. But I have to remember that I sold myself to the company and convinced them to hire me. I can certainly convince random dudes to buy some shit.

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